Jem Bailey Green Party candidate for Wycombe

Jem Bailey-Wycombe-Green Party-parliamentary -candidate

People feel let down by politicians & yet there has been an explosion in political activism. Politics should work for the benefit of all, not just those who shout the loudest or have the deepest pockets.

Many of the securities that our parents & grandparents fought for like a functioning NHS, free education & an affordable home, now look out of reach for many of us.

I'm fed up with policies that tinker around the edges, i'd like to see real change that benefits people;  like proper investment in decent jobs not austerity & welfare cuts; like public management of essential services rather than privatisation for the benefit of the 1% driven by corporate greed; like Investment in education which doesn't mean a lifetime of debt for those in it.

It is vital to support a living wage of £10 per hour, to throw out the bedroom tax which effects the vulnerable, continue to oppose HS2 & fracking which brings no benefit to the Chilterns but affects us all.

Our goverment needs to be more transparent, accountable and inclusive, to involve the community in helping the councils to make better and more informed decisions and be inclusive rather than confrontational.

The Green Party believes in the local community, where localism is king & not beheld to the big supermarkets

Jem previously stood in the 2010 elections as the Beaconsfield candidate but has handed the reins to Dave for 2015. "Dave has a wealth of experience & knowledge that leads itself to standing on his home turf & I feel after a strong showing in the last elections Dave is the ideal candidate to take us forward in Beaconsfield."

This in turn gives the Green Party a great opportunity to field a candidate for Wycombe & I am proud to be given the opportunity to fill that void.

Jem values the opinions of his constituents and as a local resident he truly knows the pitfalls but also the joys of living in our villages.

Jem moved to Flackwell Heath in 2000  when he met his wife Niki, a Flackwell Resident for over 20 years and resides there with their three children, who all go to local schools.

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