Crowdfunder-thank you


A big thank you to all of you lovely people who donated to our crowdfunder. You have helped secure the choice to Vote Green across the constituencies of Beaconsfield, Chesham and Amersham, and Wycombe.

Mary Saunders, Lance Slater, Sarah Duffield, Mark Brown, Tim Cook, Jem Bailey, Baggy Pantsjr, Richard L, Nathalie Koerfer, Jasper Britton, Elliot Cartwright, Oliver Facey, Nick Posford, Darren Cotterell, Katie Breathwick, Andrew Jennings ,Sue James, Annette Pryce, Frazer L, A Trousers, Ruth Reay, Jason Naylor, Sam Corcoran, Lynne Couzens, Robin Nichoson, Gordon Moar, Willi Moore, TTFP, Bill Bordass, Alex Galloway, Deborah Humphries, James Murray-White, Ben Roberts, Ella Saltmarshe, Helen Isacke, Tessa Guy, Karen Wyllie, Phil Rabbitt, Carl Myhill, Gina Plant Cabrita, Sally Goodman, Emily Adams, Louise Walker, Ruth Humphreys, Haydn Callow, Kathryn Hutchinson, John Yeatman, Karen Maskall, Melanie Strickland, Jane Anderson, Jeremy and Alexa, Jason, Phillip Folly, Russell Vowles, Dakey, Josef Draycott, Christopher Ayers, Erica Neustadt, Phil Clarke, Tom Randall, Patrick Andrews, Barry Evans, R. W., Victoria Hurth, Cindy Barnes, Kaivalya Cope. Katie Griggs. Graham Platts. Paul Henry. Keith Randall. Simon Cope. Louise Brown. Julia Lockwood, Dave Hampton

Thank you so much everyone who has donated–you have helped raise all the money we need to field a Green Party candidate for all THREE (Chiltern GP) seats in South Bucks and given the chance to Vote Green.

The additional £240 raised will be used efficiently to help with our campaigning–leaflets and posters.

See our crowdfunder video