Chiltern District Green Party candidates

Chiltern Green Party candidates

Jem Bailey - Flackwell Heath, Little Marlow & Marlow South East Division
Sally Fisher - Ridgeway West Division
Ivan Cicin-Sain - Ryemead & Micklefield Division
Phil Folly - Chesham Division, (Chesham Town Wards of Townsend, St Marys and Waterside)
Robert Craig - Chess Valley Division, (Chesham Town Wards of Hilltop, Newtown, Vale and Ridgeway)
Kate Folly - Chiltern Ridges Division Chiltern Ridges Division (Chesham Town Wards of Asheridge Vale and Lowndes)

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Jem Bailey - Flackwell Heath, Little Marlow & Marlow South East Division

Jem Bailey Flackwell Heath councillorJem is a serving Parish councillor. a keen supporter of the local community being a member of the residents association in Flackwell Heath and a member of the transition town movements of High Wycombe & Marlow,

Jem moved to Flackwell Heath 10 years ago when he met his wife Niki, a Flackwell Resident for over 20 years and reside there with their three children, who all go to local schools. If elected as county councillor he would push for more support for local businesses and stop the current sprawl of the big supermarkets. He would welcome local initiatives like the transisition town networks & improve the ability for people to grow their own food.

He would look to improve our road network by investing in high quality public transport with defined cycled routes & 20mph speed limits in our villages & introduce better speed controls rather than the current damaging road humps that litter our villages.

He feels that sometimes it is not easy to see how decisions are made within the council. Many decisions are taken in private and it is not always clear who made a decision, or when it was made. As a Green Party councillor, he would want the council to be more transparent, accountable and inclusive, to involve the community in helping the council to make better and more informed decisions and be inclusive rather than confrontational.

Jem values the opinions of his constituents and as a residing resident to the division he truly knows the pitfalls also the joys in living in our villages.

Sally Fisher - candidate for Ridgeway West Division

Sally Fisher Chiltern Green PartyI am sickened and weary of arguments, power-mongering and war. It doesn't take rocket science to work out what is going on in today's politics...

We all just want to live in Peace, with our loved ones, have fairness and justice for all. We live on a planet with finite resources. We are facing Climate Change which ought to mean it is top priority, not money and greed. Green Politics means putting sensible options into practice - as soon as possible:

  • Funding green energy, funding public transport, funding for the elderly, sick, and in need.
  • Cutting expenditure on unnecessary projects like HS2 – High Speed Rail.
  • Putting power and responsibility into the hands of Your Community.
  • Green politics is about CHOICE for the ordinary people of planet earth.
  • Taxing those responsible for the recession (Bankers) not rewarding them - to fund sensible Green developments for producing energy.
  • Controls over the big supermarkets who price fix our food.
  • Supporting small communities and local enterprise.
  • The Green Party can do things differently. Not through argument but ACTION.

When people care about the bigger picture and feel that they CAN make a difference, then excitement and energy is released making positive change happen – it is up to us!

Ivan Cicin-Sain - Ryemead & Micklefield Division

Ivan Cicin-Sain Ryemead Wycombe for Green PartyIvan has lived in High Wycombe since 1996 and is a part-time technical author, married with two children. He is also studying for an environmental MSc degree with the Open University.

As a trustee and volunteer in the new Wycombe Environment Centre, Ivan has been very involved with the Centre and getting it ready for opening to the public. He is also active in the Transition Town High Wycombe group, who are committed to local sustainable living. His home is open for viewing once a year as part of the Superhome project, showcasing houses that have decreased their carbon footprint by more than 60%.

Though this is his first foray into the political arena, he feels his ward deserves to have a green voice, so has decided to stand for council.

Phil Folly - candidate for Chesham Division

phil folly best candidate for cheshamPhil has been involved with a huge number of acitvities and made an immense contribution to Chehsam and nearby areas. This earned him the Chesham People's award in 2010, and he has been nominated for the 2013 'Pride of Bucks' Award. See our local election pages for some more information about Phil in previous elections.

Some of Phil Folly’s roles and activities for Chesham:
COPAG (Chesham Older People’s Action Group) Vice-Chair. Helps with advice and talks for over 50s. Helps with transport.
Chesham Environmental Group Chair. Organises working clearing the River Chess of silt; and the ‘litterpick’ around Newtown and Nashleigh Hill in early April; and he works with the councils on environmental issues which arise and liaises regarding graffiti, fly-tipping.
Friends of Lowndes Park Treasurer. Phil attends the monthly working party, maintains the gardens, etc, planting of nature areas eg  ‘Spring into Action’ initiative. Phil is also installing a ‘nectar bar’ for the bees!
Friends of Chesham Cemetery Active member. Maintenance including older graves and railings; wild flower area.
Transition Town Chesham Treasurer, one of the organisers of the local produce market in conjunction with Chesham Town Council for which they collected a national award last year. Helps man the TTC stall at the monthly market. He organised the recent cycle ride through Chesham to promote the need for safe cycling routes.
Good Neighbour scheme Active member. Helps the elderly with shopping and transport to the doctor’s and hospital.
NAG (Neighbourhood Action Group) Attends group meetings held with a Community Support Officer and police officer.
Chesham Allotments Phil is famed for his Quizmaster role at social events, and he organises a treasure hunt for children at the annual open day..
Walkers are Welcome Phil was responsible for bringing this national initiative to encourage walking visitors to Chesham.
Litter-picking Tidies up litter several times a week in Chesham parks, The Moor, and the litter he has found accumulating behind the new medical centre.

Robert Craig – candidate for Chess Valley Division, Chesham

Rob CraigRobert has lived and worked in Chesham for 15 years. He is currently employed by an Amersham company where he is the Business Development Manager for a Fair trade online store. He is also a partner in a multimedia agency producing websites and other materials for charities, not-for-profit, community groups, educational, and artistic organisations.

Robert's company was responsible for the plasma screen presentation of the 'Carbon Dating' event in Westminster, where 650 Stop Climate Chaos supporters quizzed 60 MPs on their political ideas to reduce greenhouse gases.

On a local level Robert helped start up of Transition Town Chesham a sustainable communities movement; and has been involved with Bucks County Council and Chiltern District Council's 'Change For Chesham' – a local campaign which aims to help reduce pollution in Chesham. Robert is keenly interested in permaculture; enjoys playing football, and local walks in the countryside with his family.

Kate Folly - Chiltern Ridges Division Chiltern Ridges Division (Chesham Town Wards of Asheridge Vale and Lowndes)

Kate Folly Green Party CheshamKate was a founder member of the Chesham & Amersham Green Party (1983), along with her husband Phil, and has since then always maintained an active role. She has attended many national anti-war protests and campaigned locally on issues such as the positioning of mobile phone masts.

Kate often helps out with activities run by Chesham Environmental Group, and is a member of the Friends of Chesham Cemetery . She is a keen allotment holder and 'master composter', and loves to share her love of the outdoors with children and get them involved in gardening.

Thank you to all those in the last 12 years plus who have voted for Nick Wilkins, who was well-established in the Newtown ward as a candidate. He has now moved to Singapore for work and family, though still keeps in touch with our local Chiltern Green Party news.