Local Elections 2007

The Chesham & Amersham Green Party made further progress at the local elections on May 3rd 2007, posting increased votes in three District and one Town Ward. The generally healthy results were only tarnished slightly by being unable to repeat the excellent 2003 results in the hotly contested Waterside and St Marys wards.

Nick Wilkins' 10.48% score in the District Council election for Newtown was particularly notable for being achieved in a single-member ward, while Phil Folly almost doubled his vote in Asheridge Vale and Lowndes. Rob Craig also managed to pick up votes from a highly creditable 20% of voters in the Townsend Town Council ward, beating the Labour candidate and one of the Conservatives.

However, pride of place must go to Tony Abbott on his Chiltern District Council debut for winning the votes of a whopping 26.68% of voters in Chalfont St Peter Central ward. This put him in third place, ahead of the Lib Dem candidate!

Nick Wilkins commented: "It is notable that this time around our biggest gains have been in elections for the higher tier of local government. This indicates that the credibility of the Green Party is growing in the public's perception. Many are now desperate to see its policies implemented."