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Post-election 2010

Message from Nick Wilkins, Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the Green Party for Chesham and Amersham

Dear Chiltern GP Members & Enquirers,

I am sure you will all be aware that a momentous thing has happened since I last wrote to you and that Britain now has its first Green MP.

A number of people from the Chiltern Green Party helped bring this about by going down to Brighton and leafleting there and through their financial contributions.

Setting Brighton as our target inevitably meant that our local campaign was more low key. Nevertheless we managed to put up speakers at around nine hustings events in the region over the election campaign all helping to increase the profile and credibility of the Green Party in this area.

Like almost everywhere else in the UK outside of Brighton and Norwich, we were heavily squeezed on two fronts, both in a way stemming from the leaders' debates. First these rather sent out the message that there were only three parties "really" standing and second that the Lib Dems had a realistic chance of winning. In reality the gap between the Tories and the Lib Dems actually widened in the constituencies here. With Labour's vote steadily collapsing particularly in Chesham & Amersham (we've frequently outscored them in local elections), there's every opportunity for us to take up the mantle of opposition in the region if the Tory/Lib coalition starts to impact on how they behave in Council matters.

So we'd like to say a big thank you to all our new supporters and those that stayed loyal to us at this election. To those sympathisers who thought there was a meaningful tactical vote to be cast to other parties here the message is simple: like your local shops, your local Green Party needs to be supported, otherwise you could lose us!"

With regards

Nick Wilkins

nick and jem

Your Chiltern Green Party Parliamentary candidates

Nick Wilkins (left) and Jem Bailey take a break from campaigning in Marlow

Nick Wilkins is the Prospective Parliamentary Green Party candidate for Chesham and Amersham constituency. In the past two elections he has increased the Green Party vote by 50%.An IT consultant with more than 25 years' business experience, Nick has fought two previous general elections for the Green Party, on each occasion increasing the Green vote by 50 per cent. In the past he has been involved with the Chiltern Peace and Justice Group (where he helped organise a local protest against the Iraq war) and Amnesty International. He is also a member of the Chiltern branch of the World Development Movement. He has been the main Chiltern Green Party spokesperson on national and local issues for over 10 years. He is active in the arts scene as an actor, singer, player and director, and in recent years has made several appearances with the Chesham-based jazz, swing and blues group Lou's Sextet.

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Jem Bailey is standing for the first time in the Beaconsfield constituency. That's why he is proud to be the only candidate out of the top four parites to live in the constituency full-time. He grew up in Burnham before settling in Flackwell Heath with his wife, Niki, who has been a Flackwell resident for 20 years, and their three children, who all go to local schools. He is proud to support local issues such as opposing the cuts at Wycombe hospital, and the Tesco in Bourne End that would destr0y a vibrant community. Bailey is also a member of the Residents association in Flackwell Heath, as well as the local branches of Transition Town and Friends of the Earth.
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