About Chiltern Green Party

The Green Party is a growing and dynamic political movement promoting social and environmental justice through campaigns, direct action and by contesting elections at all levels of governmentCaroline Lucas, Green Party MP, recently branded the Green Party the true opposition. It could not be more true than in this area where the councils are now made up almost entirely of the ruling coalition.

Here are some of the issues Chiltern Green Party is campaigning on:-

On issues of the Chiltern area, Green Party is:

  • Opposed to the proposed HS2 route.

  • The only party in parliament opposed to fracking

  • A party that campaigns for recycling rather than incineration – more jobs – less pollution

  • A minimum wage of £10 an hour

  • A party whose central value is social justice – rights for the many and not for the few

  • Against the privatisation of the NHS

  • A party that believes in community – keeping our local post offices, shops and facilities

  • A party that prioritises locally produced food

  • Opposing the closure of Day Centres and keeping our libraries and post offices

  • Improving public transport for rural areas and making school transport free

  • Championing a WarmZone insulation scheme for the district

  • Campaigning against the cuts and for improved services

  • Supporting and promoting Transition Town initiatives throughout the county

  • Spreading the Fairtrade message – let’s have more Chiltern Fairtrade Towns

We believe there is an alternative to the cuts which have had a devastating effect on the lives of some people in this area. Austerity measures rarely bring economic recovery; growth strategies are far more successful. We do not advocate growth for its own sake since it often creates more pressure on dwindling resources, however our Green New Deal strategy promises something different:-

The Green New Deal consists of a large-scale investment in renewable technologies and energy-saving programmes that will equip us to take on the twin challenges of climate change and future oil scarcity. Only this way can we stimulate the economy in a sustainable way, create meaningful new jobs and raise extra tax revenue (rather than cut services). Locally, we need a transition to a low-carbon localised economy and greater self-reliance.

Here is our local Chiltern Green Party manifesto 2011 (pdf). Update to follow soon.

Our Chiltern Green Party policies in brief:

Our policies make sense!

The Chiltern Green Party believes in:

  • The environment and the future
  • People before profit
  • Human rights for people of every race and for asylum seekers
  • Safe, reliable, cheap public transport
  • Free, properly-funded education and health services
  • Decent housing for all
  • Peace and global justice
  • Protection of animals
  • Democratic and accountable government

We will oppose any plans for the high-speed rail link (HS2) which threaten to wreck the Chiltern AONB, and have been active in researching this issue and talking with concerned constituents.

Our core values

We believe it is time to think afresh.

Ecology and Economics have the same "Eco" root. We believe that if an activity brings good economic returns but is not ecologically sound then it is unsustainable and will ultimately fail economically too.

We believe that the UK's relative prosperity comes at the expense of the developing world, future generations and the rich wealth that was nature's gift to us.

Ten core principles appear at the start of our Manifesto for a Sustainable Society, a document democratically nurtured since the Green Party's inception:

  1. Humankind depends on the diversity of the natural world for its existence. We do not believe that other species are expendable.

  2. The Earth's physical resources are finite. We threaten our future if we try to live beyond those means, so we must build a sustainable society that guarantees our long-term future.

  3. Every person, in this and future generations, should be entitled to basic material security as of right.

  4. Our actions should take account of the well-being of other nations, other species, and future generations. We should not pursue our well-being to the detriment of theirs.

  5. A healthy society is based on voluntary co-operation between empowered individuals in a democratic society, free from discrimination whether based on race, colour, gender, sexual orientation, religion, social origin or any other prejudice.

  6. We emphasise democratic participation and accountability by ensuring that decisions are taken at the closest practical level to those affected by them.

  7. We look for non-violent solutions to conflict situations, which take into account the interests of minorities and future generations in order to achieve lasting settlements.

  8. The success of a society cannot be measured by narrow economic indicators, but should take account of factors affecting the quality of life for all people: personal freedom, social equity, health, happiness and human fulfilment.

  9. Electoral politics is not the only way to achieve change in society, and we will use a variety of methods to help effect change, providing those methods do not conflict with our other core principles.

  10. The Green Party puts changes in both values and lifestyles at the heart of the radical green agenda.

Promoted by Phil Folly on behalf of Chiltern Green Party both at 16 Essex Rd, Chesham, Bucks

The Chiltern Green Party represents all of South Buckinghamshire, covering the following constituencies. click on the links to find out which ward you live in:

It was formed from the local Green Parties of Chesham & Amersham, High Wycombe and Marlow to ease administration and finances.
We are part of the national Green Party, and member of the Confederation of South East England Green Parties.